Durga Puja 2018 Dates & Time | HD Images, Photos, Wishes, Greetings

Durga Puja is biggest Hindu Festival in India, Bangladesh and others country. This year Durga Puja 2018 will begin on 15 October and Ends on 19 October. Here is Latest Collection of Durga Puja Images, Photos, Wishes, Greetings & SMS for you.

Durga Puja 2018 Dates Time In India,Bangladesh: 2018 Durga Puja is upcoming biggest festival of Hindu religion people. Durga Puja is an Annual Hindu festival in the India. Bangladesh and some of the countries. that reveres the Goddes ma Durga. Durga puja observed. in the Hindu calendar and the month of Ashvin (Aashin). The month of October or October of the Gregorian calendar. A multi day festival (festivity) that features elaborate Temples. and stage Decorations (Pandal) scripture recitation. Performance. revelry and processions. I our previous article we have published Durga Puja 2017 Schedule. Here in this article you can get 2018 Durga Puja date. Durga Puja Calendar 2018. Durgautsov Time Date. and Durga Puja 2018 schedules.
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Durga Puja 2018 Dates Time Schedule

India is the largest country for Durga Puja.Because too many Hindu people live in India.

India Durga Puja 2018 Full Time Table. Durga Puja Indian Time Table Of 2018.

Durga Puja has each time table for India and others countries. This year Durga puja will start on ..October 2018 from the “Mahalaya Date 2018”.Then after …days later “Shasthi Puja” will start on … 00:00AM/PM on Indian time.Then all the puja will start part by part in real time for India. So this is the time table for Durga Puja 2018 India.

Name of Puja Day of Puja Dates of Durga Puja
Mahalaya 2018 Tuesday 9th October 2018
Maha Panchami 2018 Sunday 15th October 2018
Maha Sasthi 2018 Monday 15th October 2018
Maha Saptami 2018 Tuesday 16th October 2018
Maha Ashtami 2018 Wednesday  17th October 2018
Maha Nabami 2018 Thursday 18th October 2018
Bijaya Dashami 2018 Friday 19h October 2018

Durga Puja 2018 Images

Image is a great thing for wish any happiness like Durga Puja, Merry Christmas, Parents Day etc.If you are still looking for Durga Puja images, so you can get lots of unique images here.There are many types of Images We have provided here Durga Puja Images 2018 in our website server. Everyone can download these images to wish Durga Puja to everyone. All images is attractive looking and beautiful. Download images from below

Durga Ma Photo 2018 3D

I hope everyone will be like the 3D images.Because 3D images have lots of things and unique ideas. If you want to get 3D Images for Durga Puja 2018, so here you can get huge number of 3D images from here.You can easily able to download all images free of cost.Visit here to download Durga Puja 3D Images 2018.

Durga Puja 2018 HD Images

I have already told about Durga Puja images.But if you want to download Durga Puja 2018 HD images for celebrate the year 2018.Here you can get high resolution images.All images are available in High Definition/Resolution. So you download Durga Puja HD Images from our website.

Durga Puja 2018 SMS

Latest Durga Puja SMS In English, Bengali Hindi. Durga Puja 2017 SMS English, Bengali & Hindi language. You can get lots of Durga Puja SMS Wishes 2017 from here. Dear Friends, First of All Let Me Wish You Advance Durga Puja 2018. Here you can download 2018 Durga Puja Sms free. So check our Best 50+ New Durga Puja 2018 Sms Collection below.

  • Durga Puja Khushiyo ki Ujalo ki Maa Durga ki.
    Aapki zindagi khushiyose bhari ho
    Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
    Ghar me Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
    Happy Durga Puja
  • Lakshmi ka hath ho Saraswati ka sath
    hoGanesh ka niwas hoAur maa durga ke
    aashirwad seAapke jeevan mai prakash hi
    prakash ho!
  • Ambe hai tu jagdambe kali, Jay durge
    khappar wali! Teri hi gun gawe bharati, Woh
    maiya hum sab utare teri aarati! Charan
    saran mein khande tumhari, Le puja ke
    thali! Bas haat sar par rakh do, Maa sankat
    harne wali!
  • Maa Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta Hai.
    Sabke Dilon Ko Surur Milta Hai.
    Jo Bhi Jata Hai Mata Ke Dwar,
    Usse Kuch Na Kuch Zaroor Milta Hai.
Durga Puja 2018 Wishes

You can wish your family members, Well-wisher, Best friends and colleague using many way.You can get lots of idea in the internet world to wish Durga Puja.Wishes are one of these.The Durga Puja wishes are the best way to wish Durga Puja with everyone.This is very easy and effective way.Our website provides here lots of Durga Puja Wishes in our website.All wishes are different language.If you want to collect wishes in English, so you can do this. Here we have also provided Durga Puja 2018 Wishes in Bengali, Hindi, Arabic and others.Try to collect wishes from below

  1. May Maa Durga bestow
    You and your family with 9 forms of blessings
    Fame, Name, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness,
    Education, Health, Power and Commitment.
  2. This Durga Puja, may you be blessed with good fortune As Long As Ganeshji’s trunk, Wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach,
    Happiness as sweet as his ladoos
    And may your trouble be as small as his mouse.
  3. A festival full of sweet memories,
    sky full of fireworks,
    mouth full of sweets,
    house full of diyas and heart full of enjoyment.
  4. Himer paras lage prane, sharodiyar agomone agamonir khobor peye boner pakhi uthlo geye, ma ashche amader ghore, pujo katuk shobar mon bhore.
Durga Puja 2018 Greetings

Are you looking for Durga Puja greetings?Durga Puja greetings sms is the another best way to wish for Durga Puja 2018. So you can collect lots of greetings from our website. Therefore we have collected lots of greetings to wish for our valuable readers of this website.Here you can get lots of greetings. Like Greetings for Friends, Greetings for Girlfriend/Boyfriend.Funny greetings are also available here. So collect Durga Puja Greetings 2018 from here for free.

Durga Puja 2018 Quotes

Durga Puja quotes are also another way to celebrate Durga Puja each other.Are you looking for Durga Puja quotes?So you are coming in the right place.Because we have collect huge number of Durga Puja Quotes 2018 which are full of inspiration and funny also. You can wish Durga Puja using the many types of quotes.Durga Puja Funny Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, and motivational quotes from great person. So let’s check some of quotes below and you can get huge number of Durga Puja 2018 Quotes from here.

About Durga Puja

Acroding to wikipedia, Durga Puja, also referred to as Durgotsava or Sharadotsav is an annual Hindu festival. in South Asia that celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess Durga. It refers to all the six days observed as Mahalaya. Shashthi. Maha Saptami. Ashtami. Maha Nabami and Vijaya dashami.Durga Puja festival is celebrated from the sixth to tenth day]. of bright lunar fortnight in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin.This period falls in the fortnight corresponding to the. festival is called Devi Paksha.Devi Paksha is preceded by Mahalaya. the last day of the previous fortnight Pitri Paksha. Snd is ended on Kojagori Lokkhi Puja.

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